Hello lovelies, today a Spa review with the Thuy Moc Spa in District 3.


Linh, the owner of the Thuy Moc Spa, kindly invited us to try the treatment of our choice at her spa few weeks ago. Even if we are really busy with the launch, we love to take a break and try a new beauty place when we can, or let our beauty editor representing us and reviewing the place. (More info on how to be join Beauty Editor Community here)

I chose to go for a Facial treatment since we tried quite a few body massages already, and realized we haven’t reviewed any facials yet 🙂 After discussing with Linh about my skin type, my needs and experience, she advised me to go for the 1h30 Oxigen Facial Treatment (all their treatments are available online here) I though to myself: “what a nice treat, 1 hour 30 minutes Facial treatment!!” She explained me that this facial included a deep face cleansing, exfoliation, oxygenation of the skin and full face and shoulder massage. “Wonderful!”





So here we go, I put my belongings in a locker and get directed into a room with 3 massage beds, separated with curtains. The treatment begins with a face and neck cleansing. By the way, all the products they are using for facials are Dermalogica, so a reliable brand with good quality products. Then a steamer helps your pore to open up, and they use a cupping machine to cup your small pores and blackheads. Then comes the exfoliation that I found a bit light, as the exfoliating grain were really really small (but great if you are looking for a very gentle exfoliation) followed by the oxygenation. I had never experienced this technique before, so basically it consists of a ‘high pressure washer’ adapted for the face, so it doesn’t hurt you. Water is cold, which is a bit surprising, but helps cleaning your pores by keeping the skin firm. Just after that, the therapist used another machine to close the pores: a circular and cold tool that she applied by pressure points, on the face. Not an amazing feeling because of the temperature, but after came the massage part and that was really nice. In the end, she applied an homemade sheet mask that she absorbed with Dermalogica product and left it for 10-15min while she was massaging my arms, shoulders and neck.

Overall very nice experience with the Thuy Moc Spa, quality is good, the place is quiet, the prices are not over-expensive: from 300,000 for a basic facial care to 1,200,000 vnd for a stem cell juvenating treatment. They have 2 categories of Facials: basic ones that last 1 hour and professional ones that last 1h30min. The other services are not too pricey as well and they have quite a large choice of treatments. A massage starts at 200,000 vnd and a seaweed wrapping will cost you between 150,000 and 300,000 vnd, not too bad! Check their treatments prices online here!


Of course, for our beauty community we always have some good news! We have some promotional vouchers for you <3 


— Leave a comment below if you would like to win a 200,000 vnd vouchers for the Thuy Moc Spa (only useable for facials)  mentioning which treatments would be the most adapted to your skin and why 🙂 (list of treatments here) Be quick – limited vouchers!!

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Thuy Moc Spa

3 Lý Văn Phức, P.Tân Định, Q.1

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Booking (advised) – 091 617 20 68



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4 thoughts on “Thuy Moc Spa Review”

  1. I would love to win the Oxigen facial treatment as I use dermologica products but have been unable to find in Saigon. I would also love a cleanse as the city pollution tends to block pores. Pick me please!!!

  2. This place sounds great and I would love to win a voucher for it! I would have the stem rejuvenate treatment as I feel like this city as aged my skin so quickly!!

  3. I’d like to use facial service for combination skin becos this is my skin type and I need it to be cared by cleaning by a good cosmetic . thanks

  4. This is me again. Just to clarify the service I
    ‘d use is basic facial skin care by dermalogica product. This is a very qualified cosmetic. I hope my skin cash have a chance to be taken cared of. Thanks

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