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A few months ago, I got invited to the Eumora Spa to review a spa as a beauty editor :), which is such a nice opportunity. I did some research beforehand and knew that the spa was opened based on the Eumora company – a 100% natural Singaporean brand using Moor (which is a clinically-tested form of nutrient-rich peat created by the gradual transformation of herbs, plants and flowers which have been permanently submerged under water or underground).


About my experience
The building outside definitely doesn’t look like there is a spa inside (shocker!). But then again, L’oreal also has a spa inside their office xD. In this case, It is Eumora head office, and I was very skeptical first stepping in. When I walked in, I was introduced to Tram, who led me to the secret spa room upstairs (lol excuse my weirdness).


My first impression walking into the spa room was the atmosphere: the room was dimly lit and had a strong smell of lemongrass, which is really warm and calming. There were two chairs and a washbasin in the room, which reminded me of a hair salon more than a conventional spa. I was introduced to the Eumora products: Eumora “Classic” and Eumora “Spa”. Both of these products are made from natural ingredients, which is a comfort to my super sensitive skin (phewwww!)
I was introduced to the Eumora “Spa” first. It is a natural shampoo that is claims to cleanse, moisturize and nurture your hair, which I find decently accurate. The assistant pumped the shampoo out on her hand and rubbed it all over my hair. She did scalp massage, which is sooooo nice and relaxing! I noticed that the shampoo had a little bit of a floral smell (I believe it was lavender?) and I was told that the original product doesn’t have a smell, but they infused the smell in order to give that spa-relaxing-aura. After she rinsed the shampoo off my hair, I noticed that my hair was lighter, much softer and had this clean feeling to it; not to mention the smell, so amazing! And even 2 days after the spa, my hair didn’t get too greasy and heavy, which I really loved!

Then she introduced me to the Eumora “Classic”, which is a facial soap that claims to deeply purify, moisturize and brighten your skin in any weather condition. The soap didn’t have a strong smell to it (which I could really appreciate) and it lathered up pretty decently. The assistant massaged it on my face for a couple of minutes, and informed me that after rinsing it off, my skin would become much brighter, smoother and softer. Which is so true!!! I can’t stop touching my face afterward!!! It’s like baby-butt-soft and I noticed my skin did brighten up a bit, which is such an amazing result that you could get from a natural product like this for instance!

I actually brought my mom with me to Eumora (mother-daughter bonding time ;)) and asked for her opinion. She really enjoyed her time at the spa, and both of us agreed that the Eumora “Classic” is the highlight of the day! My mom is in her late 30s and yet the facial soap worked perfectly and effectively on her skin as it did on mine! And the people who were working there is so welcoming to us and the assistant’s massage technique was so delightful!


To sum up my trip to the Eumora Spa (3 Nguyen Thi Thap st, D7) , it was by all means, not a conventional spa! The atmosphere is relaxing and Eumora “Classic” is the best thing to try! One thing that really surprised me is that, this spa only opens for Eumora customers or recommended customers.

You could also purchase the Eumora “Classic” and try it out on your own through their website and learn more about their products.

If you got any question, you can find them on Facebook as well <3

That is it for now, beauties. If you have any spa you want to share, feel free to leave a comment 😉 We’d love to read your opinion!





Love you lots,

Violet (instagram @ ngovohoangvy)

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