In Vietnam, the term ‘health coach’ is still relatively new to the local community. Health coaching refers to wellness coaching and learning in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Ma Belle Box, we believe thinking positively + eating healthy contribute tremendously to the goal of feeling youthful and beautiful. Vibrant and passionate, Chiara Squinzi of LaHolista sits down with us and shares her way on how to link beauty and health together.

Hi Chiara, could you quickly introduce yourself and let us know what is your main activity?

Hi beauty lovers, I am Chiara, Italian girl living in Asia for the past 8 years. I am a Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant, helping people reaching their health and wellness goals.

You look very knowledgeable about health and wellness, what made you choose this path?
Thanks! It has been a long path, and I am still not at the end of it but it has been the best adventure of my life. Health became a focus of my days and work about 7 years ago, when I needed to figure out some hormonal issues and when I realised how well I felt, I could not stop.
Chiara's Yoga
How long have you been in Vietnam, and what do you think about the beauty and health habits over here compared to your country (or the countries you have visited)?
I arrived in Vietnam in August 2014 and I can recognise typical Asia habits here too, like protecting the body from the sun and using some kind of special animal products for keeping the body and skin young. Although, I don’t really agree with the latter, I am a big fan of the first one now, after many years in Asia. In Italy, we LOVE getting tanned, putting our skin under huge stress, even worse when we use those tanning machines. I think the Asian approach is much better, at the end, the skin is our biggest organ and we really need to take care of it.
At Ma Belle Box Blog, we believe health is very closely related to beauty, what would be your best advice regarding nutrition and skin care?
I believe the same, I have rarely seen healthy people with skin problems or bad hair. 😀
My best advise is to try to get at the bottom of things; too many times we get used to having pimples, greasy skin, thin hair and even a bloated stomach and we try to cure them from the outside in, with really expensive products. Almost 99% of the times they are related to the food we consume, especially dairy products, sugar and gluten. Those unwanted signs are a way for the body to say that something is wrong. 
As a health coach and yoga teacher, what is you beauty ‘must have’?
Simple but effective, coconut oil is my moisturiser, face mask, lip gloss and even hair repairing treatment. Coconut oil has so many properties and here in Vietnam is very cheap too. This article is very explanatory:
Is there anything you like to do outside of work? (beauty related)
Well, I am a girl, so yes, loads of things! I love having hands and feet neat and nice, so a biweekly mani/pedi is a must. I usually get a weekly massage too, but I would say that the most important thing is that I try to sweat at least once a day with some kind of exercise. My skin is always clear with a good complexion and I NEVER have pimples.
Do you have a beauty routine you like to keep in the morning?
I usually go for a quick run and then shower; in the shower I do a few minutes of dry brushing, which is great for the lymphatic system and helps keeping the cellulite away. Then I wash my face very well with a natural face soap and finally, after the shower, I apply sunscreen and a little make-up. 
Do you have a bed time skin care ritual?

Yes, usually is coconut oil centred; while relaxing on the couch with my boyfriend, I apply it on the body, then right before bed, I use it to clean my face from all the impurities. I also think the best skin care is rest, so I am in bed by 9pm, making sure I sleep at least 8 hours.

Learn more about Chiara’s holistic approach and her blog (healthy grocery shopping, fitness and more) <3

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