Although the humidity level in Vietnam is usually high, it’s not a good idea to neglect your nighttime skincare routine when the season changes. The in-between season time isn’t the best environment for your skin so you might want to upgrade your nighttime skincare to maintain a radiant look.

Here are some tips from Ma Belle Box to keep you glowy all year round!


Use gentle cleansers

Every cleanser is formulated differently for every skin type. Oily skin will love self-foaming or gel cleanser since it can wash away excess oil deep inside the pores. Meanwhile, girls with dry or sensitive skin should go for mild cleanser in form of milk, non-foaming, or oil. Those kinds of facial washers usually don’t strip away the moisture of your skin and even provide some hydration.

Add in toner

During cold weather, you might feel like your skin is tight and and dehydrated after removing makeup and washing with cleanser. This is when toner comes to the rescue since it balances the ph level. I like toner that comes in a spray bottle because it’s convenient, easy to use and the product is sprayed evenly on the whole face.

Next, pamper your skin with essence

After using toner with little or no alcohol, it’s important to prep your skin and provides hydration with essence. Essence not only helps your skin to absorb the serum faster but also boosts the benefits that you will reap from everything you apply next.

Seal everything with facial oil

In a normal routine, you can wrap up your routine with special treatment or serum product. However, during winter with low level of humidity in the air, it’s essential to use facial oil. It acts as a barrier preventing moisture from escaping your skin during the night, supporting the self-healing process of skin cells, and minimize excess sebum. The result? You will wake up with healthier and more dewy skin.

Ma Belle Box Comfort Zone

Speaking of facial oil, we can’t fail to mention the powerful duo Renight Goodnight Kit by [comfort zone] which is a part of our edition 8 “Let’s Celebrate”.

[comfort zone] – founded in 1996 – was well-know for its skincare line for high-end spa and beauty salon. In this edition, we have 2 products from this reputable brand:

Renight Cream is formulated with 88% natural ingredients and it nourishes your skin with loads of vitamin coming from Goji berry, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil for an intensive nighttime antioxiant action.

Renight Oil is packed with 97,5% natural origin ingredient with Goji Berry, Vitamin E and macademia oil for intensive night time antioxidant and nourishing action. The rose scent will soothe your mind and destress you for a good night sleep.

Ma Belle Box Comfort Zone


“Let’s Celebrate” the holidays with Ma Belle Box

Ma Belle Box phiên bản 8
Chiếc hộp Ma Belle Box phiên bản 8 Let’s Celebrate đã chính thức ra mắt!

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