There are times when we’re too lazy to cleanse our face properly, let alone removing our makeup. But sleeping with makeup on damages and ages your skin and we at Ma Belle Box certainly don’t want that to happen to our pretty readers. In this article, we will introduce to you different types of makeup remover. Each type is suitable for different skin conditions and level of makeup needed to be taken off.

Bi-phase makeup remover:

If you’re in a hurry but still want to remove your makeup/ sunscreen effectively, look for products that has bi-phase formula. It’s easy to spot: layer of water and oil sitting on top of each other; you have to shake it to get the best of both worlds.

To lift makeup, the oil layer dissolves your mascara or eyeliner while the water part eliminates the greasy “oily” feeling. Some brand swaps normal water for skincare properties that soothes and hydrates your skin. Even though it’s hard (and takes a lot of cotton) to clean your whole face thoroughly, this type of makeup remover is efficient take off eye and lips makeup.


Makeup remover wipes come to the rescue on the day you’re too lazy to properly wash your face with water and cleanser. These convenient wipes contain the same active ingredients as cleanser (surfactants to dissolve makeup and emulsifiers that help lift makeup, oil and dead skin). It’s quick and easy to use. There is a product for each skin type or purpose.

Unfortunately, the downside also comes from its convenience. Since people assume using wipes is enough to clean their skin, they end up not rinsing their face again with water. As the result, the residue from active ingredients can be irritating and drying, especially for sensitive and dehydrated skin.

At the end of the day, makeup remover wipes aren’t bad. It’s better than doing nothing. Nevertheless, you should cleanse with water after using removing makeup with wipes.

Cleansing balm:

Cleansing balm is either cream or oil-based cleanser in solid balm form. It can be wiped off using a tissue/ cloth or emulsify upon contact with water. This product is a part of double cleansing routine in which you take off makeup first before using normal cleanser.

The biggest advantage is that it gently removes some of the most stubborn waterproof stuffs without drying your skin out. If you enjoy facial massage, cleansing balm is perfect for you to relax after work. Did I mention it’s also travel-friendly? Check and check.

Some may find scooping out product unhygienic and wasteful (get more than you need). It’s not convenient to use on the go: you must use cloth or rinse with water. If you accept the cons, your skin is going to thank you in the long run.

Cleansing oil:

When it comes to wiping off heavy-duty makeup, cleansing oil will do the job in one go. Comprises of natural oil, it dissolves makeup, sebum and removes impurities. Like cleansing balm, you need a second step (of double cleansing routine) to get rid of the oily residue. Its deep-cleansing effect is second to none and your skin will benefit from antioxidant and anti-aging properties found in botanical oil.

On the other hand, using cleansing oil takes time and multiple steps to get the best result. Other than that, this method is worth trying.

Micellar water:

Last but definitely not least is micellar water. It looks like plain water at first glance but looks closely and you’ll see molecules called surfactants. Imagine it like a tadpole: one end is attracted to water (the head) and the other end is drawn to oil and grease (the tail). When they come together like a ball-shaped cluster, the water-loving head will be pointing on the outside and the tail pointing inwards. Basically, micellar consists of micelle clusters suspended in soft water.

Micellar water works in a similar way as bi-phase makeup remover. Since it doesn’t contain alcohol, this type of product won’t sting and you can use it on sensitive area. Micellar water is recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin because it’s gentle and hydrating. Without the need to wash again with water, this is suitable for travelling.

Zakka Naturals: Calendula & Honey Micellar Water
Zakka Naturals: Calendula & Honey Micellar Water

My favourite product is Zakka Naturals Calendula & Honey Micellar Water. This natural skincare and aromatherapy brand – founded in 2015 – only uses herbs, botanicals and pure essential oils for body restoration, rejuvenating, balancing, anti-aging and skin protection. They take micellar water to the next level by infusing ingredients with skincare benefits. It gets the job with a touch of calendula and chamomile extracts. Those anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients are well known for its ability to rejuvenate skin and speed up the healing process.

This product doesn’t contain alcohol, paraben or sulfate surfactants. Like the brand’s slogan “Nature is gentle”, this micellar water is suitable even for sensitive and acne-prone skin. You can try this amazing natural micellar water with other products in our latest Ma Belle Box edition 7 “Tropical Vibes”.

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