It’s fashion week time which means the latest designs and the hottest makeup and nail trends. As mentioned in our previous blog post, besides nude lips, luminous natural-looking skin is the go-to look for many designers for their models.


How to adapt that look in your everyday life. Don’t worry, we got you covered. It’s actually easier to achieve that #wakeuplikethis base. Shall we begin?

1. Prep your skin with hydrating skincare products:

Say goodbye to flakiness and hello to baby-like skin by providing your skin with hydration and exfoliate often to get rid of dead skin. As a result, your face becomes the perfect canvas which helps foundation glides on much smoother and look more natural. Concealer is also less likely to cease. Who doesn’t want that *wink?

2. Match your foundation shade to your skin undertone:

Using the wrong foundation shade is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make. Too light/ too dark or too yellow/ pinkish base product makes it clear you’re having heavy makeup on. Worst of all, your face seems to float as it doesn’t match your neck. That’s a big no no, girl.

The best way to find your most flattering product is to experiment. Try out 3 types of foundation with similar shade but different undertone on your jawline and see which one disappear. It means the foundation matches your skin so seamlessly it’s undetectable. Go for it and nobody will be able to spot you’re using foundation at all.

3. Lightweight texture is a must:     

Last but definitely not least, the texture of your foundation should be lightweight. The trend for Fall/ Winter 2016 is dewy natural skin which requires minimal makeup steps. The ideal base products should provide good coverage but light enough to give you effortlessly beautiful look.


Our recommendation is Water Essence CC Cream. What makes this product great is its ability to adjust to skin color and even out complexion. In addition to that, Water Essence CC Cream has moisturizing properties to keep your skin hydrated and radiant all day long. The texture isn’t thick so you can easily spread it out using hand, brush or blender.

Speaking of which, you can try out this complexion perfector with other products in our latest Ma Belle Box edition 7 “Tropical Vibes”.

Ma Belle Box 7 Tropical Vibes
Chiếc hộp Ma Belle Box phiên bản #7 Tropical Vibes đã chính thức ‘lên kệ’!


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