2014 is already gone, and you are looking for some good resolutions in 2015?

What about new face cleaning resolutions? 🙂

One of the first thing I have noticed when I moved to Saigon is that face cleaning is THE most important habit to get into every day. Pollution, but also sun, creams and make up, all mix together are creating an impurity layer on our face that need to be deeply cleaned and exfoliated all the time.

You will find below some suggestions that you might want to try to spice up your New Year!

  • First, try a vegetable oil to get rid of impurities and make up after a long day at work. Oils are the safest way to start removing your make up, it dissolves foundations, eyes shadow, lipstick and is 100% natural! There are a wide range of vegetable oils that you can use like jojoba, abricot, avocado, coconut or olive oils.Apply the oil on a dry skin, and massage in order to dissolve all the make up.
  • Then, use a hot/wet/clean towel to remove the oil on your skin. (Very nice feeling by the way.) If the make up is not completely gone, you can use your make up removal lotion in addition to have a perfectly clean skin.
  • You can also give it a little bit of boost, by applying a face cream mask that will purify, smooth and balance the sebum of the skin, just before applying your daily moisturizing cream.

Happy New Year Beauties! May 2015 be full of beautiful resolutions <3

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